Ateez Tour Branding

Passion Project
Ateez Tour Branding


Ateez is an 8-member K-pop group. They’re heavily involved in their songwriting and production process, which has led to international success and a standout discography. When they released their new single “Guerrilla” and announced their third world tour, I jumped right into a quick tour branding and poster project.



The Fellowship: Break the Wall Tour builds on the themes established in Ateez’s most recent album, focusing on the lead single. The track’s music video is full of grungy textures and halftones, with punk-inspired styling and propaganda posters popping up throughout.


This visual direction was the perfect fit for a tour logo and poster. I pulled together a moodboard of '80s and '90s punk posters and concert flyers, taking note of the type, texture, and structure that tied them all together. The final result uses a methodically disjointed mix of typefaces, stamping them onto a high-contrast MV shot.


This mini-project let me explore grit, grime, and inky texture in Photoshop. I was able to sharpen my typography skills and put my own spin on an existing visual style.

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