Meejee Neon Packaging

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Meejee Neon Packaging



As a design intern at Meejee, I primarily created web and social media designs, print deliverables, and infographics. However, my favorite project was the Meejee Neon limited edition sonic cleanser. I was tasked with designing the product’s packaging, as well as creating and scheduling the social promotions for the launch. The product was featured on Good Morning America in 2021.


Meejee wanted a recognizable, on-trend packaging design for their limited edition cleansing tool launch. I was given an ‘80s/vaporwave moodboard to pull inspiration from. Core aspects of the brand, including its pastel color palette, outlined illustration style, and minimalist aesthetic, would need to be adjusted for the project.


From sketches to early designs, I explored a variety of designs and applied feedback from the team. I communicated with printers through the team to execute the final packaging concept. Additionally, I created social media promotions and brainstormed product page layouts for the brand website.


Process & Promotion

My portion of the project started with my own brainstorming, moodboarding, and detailed sketching. I explored boxed layouts, scattered patterns, and wraparound room ideas before moving forward with a few selected concepts. The team picked the VHS tape design, as it struck the right balance of nostalgia and practicality.

The VHS design went through several iterations on both my end and the printer’s end. We were able to achieve bright neon packaging that matched each of the product’s color variations: lime, ultraviolet, and tangerine. 

While we continued to finalize the packaging, I created teaser images and GIFs for social media and email headers. I kept the ‘80s theme going with Polaroid cameras, arcade machines, and geometric patterns. I also contributed to concepts to the product’s webpage.


This was my first IRL packaging project, and it was surreal to see it in person for the first time. I learned what it takes to design and distribute a product, as well as some of the freedoms and constraints of packaging design creation. It’s a field of design that I’d love to continue working with. 

I also gained experience with pushing a brand’s guidelines for a special use case. I’d spent several months working with Meejee’s existing style, so it was an interesting challenge to maintain certain facets of the brand while still making something recognizably different.

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