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North Market is a food hall in Columbus, Ohio that has served up unique dishes and memorable experiences to customers since 1876.


North Market’s current website is responsive and consistent, but its structure and visual content could be improved. Although the site has strong copywriting, it does not clearly convey the experience of visiting the Market. The right information is presented, but the location’s visual story is not.


The site’s primary goal is to give users a reason to get offline and go visit North Market. To achieve this, I reworked the site’s structure and style to emphasize what’s important to the consumer. The new design reflects the heart of the Market by showcasing its merchants and in-person experience, providing users with compelling calls to action.

This project received a Bronze Addy Award in AAF Dayton.


The Process

After doing initial brand research, I spent time auditing North Market’s website on desktop, tablet, and mobile. This step informed the creation of a new content document, sketches, moodboards, and wireframes. I combined the site’s original copy with new writing to increase the site’s clarity.

To address the original site’s lack of imagery, I visited the Market and took my own photos. While I’m not a photographer, working with my basic skillset allowed me to more vividly communicate the North Market experience.

View Research Doc.

View Desktop Wireframe.

View Tablet Wireframe.

View Mobile Wireframe.

The Site

The redesigned site brings the heart of the Market to the forefront. It kicks off with an immersive exterior shot of the building, leading into the Market's merchant lineup. The content and visual experience both represent the things that make the North Market a unique presence in Central Ohio.

View Desktop Prototype.

View Tablet Prototype.

View Mobile Prototype.


Working with my own photography took me out of my comfort zone. It was challenging to take photos in a busy, dimly lit indoor space and edit them to fit the website. While I’m not planning to focus on photography, learning more about the process has helped me communicate more clearly with photographers in a team context.

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