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Sephora, the world’s top specialty beauty retailer, thrives during the winter season. Their “try-before-you-buy” model allows eager holiday shoppers to test out products in person. These factors made the brand a perfect fit for a seasonal retail campaign.


Every year, the beauty industry is flooded with the holiday season’s typical reds and golds. Loyal skincare and makeup consumers are often critical of seasonal product launches that aren’t unique enough for their collections.


My seasonal campaign concept, All is Bright, combines the classy, cool look of a starry winter night with all the sparkle and shine that Sephora has to offer. I steered away from standard holiday imagery and focused on a winter theme. From bold lipsticks to hydrating skincare, All is Bright encourages consumers to find their winter glow at Sephora.


The Products

Featured products from the campaign include highlighters, moisturizers, and lipsticks. The pearl and pressed highlighters could be used separately for a more natural look or combined for a blinding glow. The moisturizer targets winter dehydration with ceramides to support the skin barrier. The lipsticks would be sold individually and in a gift set. The shades are a mix of classic and colorful, including a metallic topper shade.


I originally created this project in one of my early college courses and revamped it for my second-year portfolio. This process allowed me to refine the illustrations and find ways to integrate them with Sephora’s branding. I was able to revisit elements that needed to be improved and apply new techniques to create a better final product.

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