Campaign Case Study

"100% You" Marketing Campaign
2020 Campaign Case Study


Introduction is a music tracking and recommendation platform that has been around since 2002. It uses its Audioscrobbler system to take a user’s listening history and provide music recommendations, while also serving up weekly, monthly (for paid subscribers), and yearly personalized statistics.

Problem offers music tracking capabilities that streaming services do not provide. However, the platform has a limited budget and does not currently market its services in any significant way.


As a part of my UX 201 course, I created a marketing campaign that would reach new users and engage current ones by leveraging user-generated content and online fan communities via social media.

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The Research

To develop this campaign, I researched’s history, features, voice, market, and visual elements. Since does not have publicly available brand guidelines, I compiled my own based on their website and other materials. 

I also conducted a SWOT analysis and analyzed the brand’s main competitors, determining’s potential selling points. With my research, I put together a key target user to inform the steps of the campaign. 

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The Campaign

The “100% YOU” campaign’s primary goal is to get new users to sign up for, with a secondary goal of raising brand awareness. The campaign visuals showcase the variety of genres that users listen to, while also encouraging the target audience to share their own unique tastes by signing up for a free account. The value delivered? A better understanding of your taste in music and a music-focused community to jump into.

Users would be initially reached through ads on Spotify, Google, and social media, as well as user-generated content shared by existing and new users. The full process is detailed in the user journey above. The campaign’s success would be measured by new account sign-ups, uses of the #madewithlastfm hashtag, the landing page’s bounce rate, and the retention of new users. InVision prototypes of select deliverables are linked below.

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This project introduced user journeys to my web workflow. By taking the time to empathize with users and plan out where they would come in contact with, I was able to create a more effective campaign. 

I also became more effective at working with an existing brand, which is a skill I’ve been able to employ in my internships. I learned how to consistently apply established brand standards while still producing engaging work.

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